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Robbers strip 60 bus passengers naked

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Robbers strip 60 bus passengers naked


By Matthew Takaona

Chirundu – Two suspected robbers who ransacked CAG Travelling Tours Bus on its way to Chirundu from Harare and stripped 60 passengers naked were arrested in Harare yesterday.
Morazhi Chapola (30) and Edson Murambidzi (30) who are in remand at Harare Central Prison on another case are expected to appear at the Harare Magistrates Court for initial remand today.

They also dispossessed their victims of US$19 000 in cash and the total property stolen including cellphones is US$40 000, according to the State outline.
It is the State case that on December 14, 2021 at 430pm Chapola, Murambidzi and two other co-accused who are still at large boarded the CAG Bus in Karoi which already had 60 passengers from Harare. They pretended to be going to Chirundu.

At the 325km peg and at around 630pm Chapola who was seated at the front seat pretended as if he wanted to vomit thereby prompting the driver to stop the bus. He suddenly produced a pistol, fired on the front side of the bus and smashed the upper quarter glass.
The other three gang members joined in, ordered everyone to lie down and surrender valuables or be shot. They hit passengers with craw hammers and open hands as they collected money and cellphones from them.

After the robbery they ordered everyone to strip naked and they placed the clothes in a sack and carried it with them into the darkness. Chirundu Police that investigated the case later found the sack dumped in the bush.
The bus drove to Chirundu Police Station with passengers wrapping themselves with whatever pieces of clothes they could find.

The suspects were nabbed after they sold one of the stolen cellphones to Noel Kakweto (25) of Eastview Harare. He implicated Chapola who Police trekked down to Harare Central Prison where he was in remand after being found in possession of a loaded unregistered pistol. It later emerged that the same pistol was used in the CAG Bus robbery,
Chapola implicated Murambidza who was in the remand prison for the same case and they in turn implicated their two other co-accused who are still at large.https://masvingomirror.com/

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