Rifle stolen while mine guard doses off


MBERENGWA – Tivabarire Chavane (43), a security guard with a mine in Mberengwa has been remanded in custody after he was charged for losing his duty rifle while he dosed off at work.

Chavane of Zvemisha Village, Chief Mukanganwi, Bikita is employed at Ebor 14 Mine in Mberengwa and the stolen rifle had a magazine with five rounds and it was stolen on August 12, 2020.

He appeared before Mberengwa magistrate Evia Matura facing charges of contravening section 28(2) as read with Section 28(5) of the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09 “failure to safeguard a firearm”.

Chavane pleaded for mercy from the magistrate and told the court that he never sleeps on duty and that day was an exception. He said he has a wife and four children and the family would lose its bread winner if he is incarcerated. He said if released, he would visit prophets to find out what happened to the rifle.

His employer Wireless Machaya however, said that Chavane was an honest employee and he urged the court to show leniency.

The State represented by Edwin Nyoka said on August 11, 2020 at 7pm the accused commenced duty at Ebor 14 Mine. At around 12 midnight he placed his rifle on the ground as he sat by a fire. He dosed off and he realised that the rifle was missing when he woke up a few minutes later. He reported the case to Machaya who made a report to the Police. The firearm is valued at RTGS$24000. https://masvingomirror.com

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