Returnees sleeping on the floor at Beitbridge Isolation Centre

District Medical Officer Dr Lenos Samhere explains a point to members of the provincial taskforce during a tour of Beitbridge isolation facility.

BEITBRIDGE – Eighteen people quarantined at Beitbridge Rainbow Hotel Isolation Centre in the border town are sleeping on the floor with children because there are no beds.
There is also a crisis of other basic facilities required for decent human habitation.
All the 18 passed through the border from South Africa.
A consignment of 40 double beds, mattresses, 1 640 blankets promised by ZIMRA for the center have not yet been received.
Provincial Development Coordinator, Sithandiwe Ncube confirmed the situation.
The isolation center has no tap water because Beitbridge generally has a serious water crisis attributed to the inefficiencies of the local council. The borehole that the centre had resorted to has also broken down, said officials during a tour of the facility.
The other teething problem is that there are no cooking utensils.
“We do not have beds but we have made appeals to various stakeholders,” said Ncube.
District Medical Officer, Dr Lenos Samhere said the place was understaffed, ill equipped with no lCU equipment and ventilators.
The isolation centre is a disused hotel with 140 rooms and two people are supposed to share a room. If the situation gets worse a conference center at the hotel can be used to accommodate 100 more people.
Provincial social welfare officer, Criswell Nyakudya confirmed the undertaking by Zimra to supply beds.
Dr Samhere said even if further staff was to be brought in, there is a crisis of accommodation and rentals throughout Beitbridge are charged in Rands.

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