Retired Gokomere CPS head starts ECD school


Bikita – Record breaking, former Gokomere CPS Primary School head, Bernard Makonese Baye has started an Early Child Development (ECD) school at Nyika Growth Point in Bikita.

Baye is one of the most respected veteran educationist who during his time as head at Gokomere attained some of the best Grade 7 results achieved in the country with more than 40 pupils getting 4 units each.

His ECD school which is known as St Gabriel is located at Stand No 30, Duma.

He spoke to The Mirror and said he has a passion for teaching children. The school was opened in 2017.

“I was head of Gokomere CPS for more than 40 years so I have a passion for children. I thought of ploughing my experience back into my community. The school is manned by two qualified teachers and I am the director.

“Our Motto is Catch Them Young (Juvenus Dum Capita)’, said Baye.

He said that the learners upon completion of ECD B proceed to Duma Primary School where they are in demand.

Children pay monthly fees and they are served with breakfast, lunch as well as snacks.

ECD (A) is for ages between 3 and 4 years and ECD (B) is 5 to 6 years.

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