Retired Chipinge school head dies

Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – Mathius Fana, Maposa Chitumba (79), a retired school head from Chikore in Chipinge has died.

Maposa died this week at Chiredzi General Hospital after suffering from stomach ache. He also had intense pain in his legs.
He was a devout member of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ). His son Simbarashe confirmed the death to Chipinge Times.

Maposa trained as a teacher at Mt Selinda in 1961 and taught at Mt Selinda Primary. During that time he groomed youths in Christian Youth Fellowship for the UCCZ and he was also a choir master.

He taught at Mafunde Primary in Bocha where he became school head.

He assisted Zanla combatants during the liberation struggle to a point where his life was in danger and he had to move to Tuzuka Primary in his home area in Chikore. He also taught at Gumira, Rebai and Chinaa where he retired in 2005.
He is survived by six children, 21 grandchildren and two grand grandchildren.

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