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Respect the nurse

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Respect the nurse


By Sekuru Taurai

All of us, you and me, were born by our mothers. However when mothers give birth they need someone to assist them during the painful and life-threatening exercise. In the olden days this someone was not just anyone but had to be a well experienced grandmother. These days pregnant mothers give birth at hospitals and clinics with the assistance of well-trained nurses called midwives. So I can safely say that most of us were received by nurses when we came into this world. However how many of us in Chibhoraniland are aware that 12 May is celebrated every year as the International Nurses Day? The day is meant to recognise the efforts made by nurses across the whole world thereby acknowledging their sacrifices and priceless contributions to society when they take care of the sick. This day also observes the birth of Florence Nightingale who is seen as the founder of modern nursing. Remembered as the ‘’Lady with the Lamp,’’ she most diligently and lovingly took care of British and allied soldiers during the Crimean War while setting standards of health care and nursing in medical camps and hospitals during that war. She also established Nightingle Training School at St Thomas’ Hospital in 1860 to provide training to aspiring nurses and health workers.
I am sure we can all agree that nurses are a very critical part of our lives. Besides receiving us at birth nurses go on to care for us and our dear mothers. As we grow they continue to take care of us especially when we fall sick and that in a way characterized by kindness and dedication with one of our singers likening their hearts to the bright winter full moon. If you and me get sick today the person who will take care of us at the clinic or hospital on a daily basis is the nurse.
Nursing is a calling that beckons the called to wholeheartedly give themselves to the service of the sick. However we have to admit that nowadays this is not always the case as we are getting elements who get into the profession just for financial gain. These are the fake nurses who ill-treat patients and offer lip service only leaving patients to suffer and even die, they should just leave the nursing profession and find something else to do. On the other hand, the genuine nurses deserve the respect and gratitude that they can get. They also deserve to be well remunerated for the services they lovingly provide. To conclude, as your dear Sekuru Taurai, I do appeal to you all genuine nurses to continue with the wonderful work you are doing and to the Chibhoraniland people to unflinchingly support our nurses.

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