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Residents frown at Chipinge Megafest award


Residents frown at Chipinge Megafest award


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIPINGE – Chipinge residents are up in arms with the organisers of Megafest Awards for handing two awards to Chipinge Town Council which they castigated for bad governance and poor service delivery.
Chipinge won the Megafest Award for the 2021 Eastern Region Urban Council of The Year held on July 2, 2022 at Golden Peacock Hotel in Mutare. The local authority also went on to win the same award and this was handed over at a glittering function held at the 5-Star Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare on Thursday last week.

Efforts to get the winning criteria from Megafest awards organisers were futile.
The residents said the local authority is grossly mismanaging resources and failing to do timely service delivery.
Chipinge Town Council has been bedeviled with problems. Last year its town secretary Susan Dube was fired for gross incompetence. A water superintendent Jeffrey Mwakachiyeyi jointly appeared with her in court on another case where she took PVC pipes worth US$639 from council for personal use at her Kenilworth farm.

The local authority recently paid ZWL$ 13 million for a second hand roller compactor which worked for just one day and broke down. The compactor has since been returned to the supplier and the local authority is demanding its money back.
The Town chairperson Lovemore Mukwapati defended the awards and said that the local authority made tremendous progress in water supply. He however conceded that the roads in the town are in a bad state.
“We are not 100% good. We have not done very well on roads but we have made tremendous strides in water supply in all the eight wards. Refuse collection is improving and the housing waiting list has been reduced significantly. Our layout plans for both town and St Kelvin are now up to date. Our external audits are not far behind,” he said.

He said that the late disbursements of devolution funds by Government have negatively affected the timely completion of road projects.
Dakarai Mpofu disputed the awards saying that the council only deserves an award in incompetence.
“To give an award to a council that buys a broken down roller compactor is to insult our intelligence as residents. Residents are not happy at the state of the roads at all and yet Chipinge Town Council receives an award for the same. Council must be ashamed of the lies it has been feeding to Megafest,” said Sandra Murima.
Jane Moyo also expressed shock at the award and said that the roads in Chipinge Town are among the worst in the country.https://masvingomirror.com

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