Rescue for 3 trapped Shurugwi miners abandoned


Shurugwi – The rescue operation for three illegal miners who were trapped underground at Camperdown Mine some 4km out of Shurugwi Town was abandoned on Friday after the ground became loose and threatened to curve in.

Shurugwi District Development Co-ordinator (DDC) Romeo Shangwa confirmed the development and told The Mirror that new rescue options are being considered.

The three miners whose names are yet to be released entered Camperdown on Saturday one week ago and were trapped in the early hours of Sunday. Rescue operations led by Allen Sibanda and the community started on Monday and went on until Friday.

Sibanda used excavators and compressors to dig into the mine.

However, The Mirror is told that Unki Mine will be roped in anytime this week to assist in the rescue operation although the hope of finding the miners alive is getting dimmer. There are also indications that some teams may come from Harare to assist in new rescue efforts.

The Mirror understand everyone including the relatives of the trapped miners were asked to leave the mine after the rescue operation was called off on Friday.

There is also evidence coming from illegal miners who were outside at the time that the mine collapsed that rescuers were searching too deep into the mine but the victims could be trapped in upper tunnels. The survivors who are said to have run away after the accident are sending messages from hiding places.

The DDC expressed concern that some security at the disused mine are being bribed to allow illegal miners to get into the tunnels.

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