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Renco villagers dismiss ZimParks statement on shot lion 

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Renco villagers dismiss ZimParks statement on shot lion 


Ancilla Gotore


MASVINGO – Villagers in Renco have dismissed as a lie a statement by Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo that it is the National Parks reaction team that shot and killed one of the three stray lions terrorizing Masvingo Rural District for 15 days now.

The villagers told The Mirror that the lion was shot by Jani game rangers on Tuesday last week, and Zimparks reaction team only arrived on Wednesday to carry away the carcass.

The villagers said that they have lost confidence in Zimparks which has failed to locate the lions for two weeks since July 5, 2022 thereby putting livestock and people’s lives in grave danger.

Farawo said on his Twitter handle on Thursday last week that one of the lions was “finally eliminated by Zimparks reaction team”.

Nomore Nhamo, a villager from the area however, said that the lion was shot by farm workers at Viriviri River near Zezani Secondary School under Chief Neshuro in Rutenga on Tuesday. Zimparks was not there, he said.

The Jani game rangers found the three lions feasting on a cow and one was shot and the other two escaped. Zimparks reaction team only arrived on Wednesday and followed the blood stains of the shot lion and found it dead a distance away and took away the carcass, said Nhamo.

When called for a comment, Farawo asked The Mirror to check his twitter handle and cut off the call.

On July 5, Farawo issued a statement warning people in the area to limit their movements because of the stray lions.

“One of the lions which was killing livestock and terrorizing villagers in Nyajena and Renco mine was finally eliminated by @Zimparks reaction team. The team is still on the ground pursuing the remaining two,” reads Farawo’s tweet.

“The Zimparks team was not there. They were only informed about the incident,” said Nhamo.

Village 13 head, Supreme Sibanda said Zimparks is not getting any positive results. He said Zimparks should be using an aircraft and not a vehicle to track down the lions.

“The Zimparks tracking team is using a vehicle to track the lions which we as villagers perceive as less effective. The tracking needs an airplane since there are thick forests which need thorough search,” said Sibanda. https://masvingomirror.com/


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