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Reminisces of Gweru 

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Reminisces of Gweru 



There’s a place called Yellowgate up north towards the Railway Station. There are facilities there for roasting meat and liqour galore. 

There used to be an lndian guy called Jivan who sold cold beer at the railway corner outlet.  And the police raided the imbibers, it being an offence to drink beer in public.

But not anymore. 

And Jivan is dead. 

Drunks drink and pee and puke publicly in front of Gweru Rural Police  Station. 

It’s all good. 

The Midlands Hotel in Gweru is monumental. It’s in Main Street. 

I hear Main Street has been changed to Emerson Munangagwa Road?

But wait.

There was a bar in Midlands Hotel called The Carousel. A place of class.

A place of the high  and mighty of Gweru, and anyone else who could afford it, and anyone else who qualified for the hospitality of Patrick Kombayi, the indefatigable owner of the Midlands Hotel. 

It was cool. 

The manager was a lady called Angie Barret. She would giggle girlishly and encourage patrons to purchase liqour. 

Angie Barret is no more. 

And the Midlands Hotel is now a brothel.

There seems to be a link between the renaming of Main Street and the decay of Gweru.

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