RCZ launches 5-year strategic plan


MASVINGO – The Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) has launched a five-year strategic plan which runs from 2020 to 2025.
The strategic plan which was put together at a two-day workshop held at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel in April 2019 was launched at the RCZ Church in Runyararo West on February 14, 2020.
More than 100 delegates from the church including RCZ school heads, reverends and officials from the Synod Center attended the launch of the document which has 14 key objectives.
The 25 page document was launched by the church moderator, Reverend Isaac Pandasvika who urged leaders of the church and school heads to follow the document religiously in order for the institution to achieve its five-year goals.
The theme of the strategy is; We cherish our history and confront the future with confidence.
The objectives are on evangelism, health facilities, youth and children ministry, women and empowerment, Reformed Church University, Murray Theological College and business units.
Under evangelism, the Church seeks to double the number of its congregants and to acquire a 5 000 seater tent. Under the health section, the Church plans to build clinics at Pamushana and Makumbe equip its hospitals including Gutu Mission and Morgenster.
On women empowerment, the church strives to ensure that there are at least two women on every board in the next five years and will also train at least 10 ministers every year.
The RCU will seek to recruit at least 24 lecturers with PHDs in the next five years and build infrastructure including accommodation for students.
The church is looking at revamping existing business units and starting new ones so that 20% of the church budgets come from there.
“We saw that such events help the church to have a vision which guides us to work together and achieve what we are targeting, it will also help the congregants in spreading the gospel”, said Rev Pandasvika.
Vice moderator Reverend Dr Christopher Munikwa said the church should refer to the document to know where they are going. The last strategic plan was launched at Zimuto Mission in 2010. https://masvingomirror.com

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