RCU to produce gadgets for people with disabilities

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MASVINGO AGRIC SHOW – The Reformed Church University (RCU) has set out to produce gadgets for people living with disabilities under its Education 5.0 programs.

The program’s objective is to ensure inclusivity for all people living with disabilities and production of gadgets will take place on a massive scale, RCU director for business development and publicity Gordon Madhora has said.

A Memorandum of Understanding has since been signed between the University and Masvingo Poly for the production of the gadgets.

Speaking from Masvingo Agricultural Show on Friday, Madhora said that the University exhibited some of the products that it is working on including the Perkins brailler, digital cane for the blind, wheeled walker and mobile toilet for people with physical challenges. Sunscreens will also be manufactured for people living with albinism.

The programmes will also ensure that there is at least one person at Police station, hospital and schools who has basic sign language skills in case a person with hearing impairment visits the institution.

The digital cane is used for walking by people who are blind. The cane indicates where there are uneven grounds.

“We want to create an inclusivity hub that will make the life of people living with disabilities easier. Inclusivity is our niche and we are making efforts to embrace education 5.0 through manufacturing of assistive devices and systems that will make the life of people with disabilities easier and make them feel loved,” said Madhora

RCU has also produced a brail version of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the National Disability policy and the Guide to sexual reproductive Health rights.

Madhora said the institution which operates under the vision, “Building a legacy though inclusivity” wants to build an inclusivity hub, the same way other universities are building innovative hubs.

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