Raw sewage: Chimanimani vendors resist relocation

Fungayi Munyoro
CHIMANIMANI – Chimanimani market vendors are resisting the district council’s efforts to relocate them to a newly-established market citing persistent pungent smell coming from raw sewage.
The vendors must occupy the newly-constructed market which lies 300m from the current site.
They are however defiant, citing the raw sewage which they say could lead to the spread of diseases. They want the local authority to reverse the decision.
Chimanimani Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Nehemia Deure promised to attend to the sewerage problem.
“Vendors are operating from the CBD and according to the growth point’s masterplan plan that is a commercial stand. It is a masterplan which has been there for some time. On the plan, the market is at the site where they supposed to relocate to. As of sewer, I will find out with the engineers. I will have to check,” he said.
Ward 15 councillor Panganai Chirongera said he took the vendors grievances to the council executive and he is awaiting a response.
A Chipinge Times crew that visited the new market could smell the raw sewage from a distance.
“I have been here since 1976 and council wants me to move. I am not ready to go to that place with raw sewer flowing. This is the market I have known since 1976,” said Mbuya Muchakabvira.
“I have been here since 1996. We have worked with many CEOs before but Deure is the only one who wants us out of this market. We can’t go to the new market. We can’t sell fruits and vegetables where there is raw sewer,” she fumed.
Another vendor who commented on condition of anonymity said council is failing in as far as service delivery is concerned.
“They are not providing any services to this market and yet they are collecting revenue from us. The toilets are dirty and there is no water. They open water for just two hours a day. Now they want us to move to this new market where there is sewer flowing all over. We are suffering here. They must leave us here,” she said.
“The vendors told me their grievances and I took them to the executive. The executive initially told me that they spoke to the vendors but I later discovered that this was not true. When I pressured them further, they said that they will look into the matter and give me feedback. They still haven’t come back to me,” said Chirongera.

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