Rate of CBD development worries Beitbridge Town Council

Beitbridge Municipality town clerk Loud Ramakgapola

Ellen Mlambo

BEITBRIDGE – Beitbridge Municipality town clerk Loud Ramakgapola has expressed great concern at the low rate of development of commercial stands issued in the CBD in the last 10 years.

He told Two Nations in an interview that of the 40 commercial stands issued in the last 10 years only four have completed buildings, reflecting a development rate of only 10%. As a result a lot of patches in the CBD are still bushy, said Ramakgapola.

The concerned local authority has recently issued out a notice to the stand owners to develop them or have them withdrawn and allocated to other developers. He said the local authority may also charge a non-development fee penalty.

Meanwhile Ramakgapola is encouraged by some investors that have shown interest in taking up stands in the town and these include Netone, Econet, Border Pharmacy, the deceased businessman Chiwa and Express Image. He said that engagements between these companies and the local authority will be completed by the end of next month.
“Over 40 commercial stands measuring 300 square meters with a value of US$15 000 each were offered in the CBD in the last 10 years but the development rate has been too low.

“These stands have a minimum of a 2-storey building,” said Ramakgapola.

One of the notable buildings completed in the town during the period is Nyaradzo Funeral.

He however expressed satisfaction at the construction going on in the residential areas and commercial stands in the high density suburbs. This development is a mismatch with the development in the CBD, said Ramakgapola.
“We have noted with concern that there has been a slow or no commercial development at all in the CBD.

Commercial stands offered more than seven years ago are still undeveloped or incomplete, save for a few under construction.

We urge all investors who were given commercial stands to start developing them. Failure to develop will attract non-development penalty fee or force council to reallocate the stands to more serious developers. Please show your intention and seriousness by submitting your plans or programme of action by September 30, 2020,” reads the notice. https://masvingomirror.com

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