‘Rapist’ leaves blood stains on minor (6)’s undies

MASVINGO – A woman from Ndahwi area in Gutu had to discover that her six-year-old daughter was raped after noticing some bloods stains on the minor’s underpants.
The girl was ambushed on her way from school by a 15-year-old boy (name supplied) from Verengai Village in Nerupiri, Gutu and dragged into a bush where she was allegedly raped.
The accused allegedly assaulted the minor after the rape and threatened to deal with her if she reported the incident to anyone.
The sobbing mother told The Mirror in an interview that her daughter was unwell and she bleeds from her private part from time to time. She expressed the fear that the case may be swept under the carpet since the accused is out of custody and has since moved out of the village.
Police sources confirmed the matter and said that the case was reported under RRB CR88/09/21 at Gutu Police Station. The accused is out of custody allegedly because he is underage.
The mother of the minor said her child was raped on September 22, 2021 and she only discovered the crime the following day upon seeing blood stains on her undies and clothes. She questioned the girl who disclosed the rape.
On the fateful day, the accused ambushed the minor who was coming from school and dragged her into a bush where he raped her.
The minor did not disclose the matter to her mother but complained of a severe headache. The mother later discovered that she had blood stains.
“My child is suffering from rib pains, a severe headache and she’s bleeding every two weeks. I’m deeply hurt. My daughter does not sleep at night because of pain she’s suffering from,” said the mother.

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