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PWD in sports appeals for wheelchairs

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PWD in sports appeals for wheelchairs



MASVINGO- Members of Persons Living With Disability in Sports (PWDIS), Masvingo province are seeking for donations so that they can excel in sports.
In an interview with The Mirror, Masvingo provincial chairperson for PWDIS, Moses Chitimbo said they are appealing for better facilities to produce better results in their sporting activities.
“As PWDIS we appeal for more wheelchairs so that we will be able to compete with other provinces in sports like wheelchair race, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair tennis. As a province we only have four wheelchairs and it is demotivating capable players to continue with sports,” said Chitimbo.
He said that these wheelchairs are not locally supplied which makes them expensive.
“These sports wheelchairs are found outside the country, making it difficult to acquire them, hence our appeal to the Government and well-wisher to help us,” he said.
He added that the other thing which hinders them from participating in sports is the issue of transport.
“The other hindrance which demotivates people is the issue of transport to go to different areas for competitions and interactions. When we want to go out, we have to contribute cash so that we may be able to hire a bus,” he added.
PWDIS in Masvingo is also appealing for accessible facilities for its members to conduct trainings properly.
“We also request for better facilities, grounds and courts that are specifically constructed for our sports so that when we are training it will be easy and we also want to host games in the province,” emphasized.
In recent years the Government of Zimbabwe crafted a disability policy with the aim of including people living with disabilities in issues of national interest.

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