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Pupil appeals for help

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Pupil appeals for help


Ancilla Gotore

MASVINGO – Tanaka Chihwai, a 17-year-old Mucheke High pupil in Masvingo who slipped and fell on a rainy day in April 2021, suddenly developed a blister that spread throughout her body.
Patience Zhezheni, a single mother who works as a vendor, cannot afford to get her daughter treated. Zhezheni is appealing to well-wishers for US$150 to allow her daughter to see a dermatologist in Harare.
The blisters have troubled the girl for two years, and Zhezheni has been unable to send her daughter to a doctor because of her dire financial situation. The blisters cause Chihwai pain. She gets moody and has lost all self-confidence, said the mother.
“I’m appealing for financial assistance for my daughter to get treatment. I went for a medical checkup at Makurira Clinic in March this year. We were referred to Harare to see a skin doctor,” said Zhezheni.
You can contact Zhezheni on 0771842189 or The Mirror helpline -0775691380/ 0716895703. 

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