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Public toilet scare hits Kwekwe

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Public toilet scare hits Kwekwe



KWEKWE – City of Kwekwe is sitting on a health time bomb as there are only two public toilets across the entire Central Business District (CBD) resulting in residents defecating in alleys and bushes.
The two toilets in the bus rank are always clogged and vendors and travellers have resorted to defecating in alleys and bushes. The area around the rank and market place stinks of human excrement. There is one well maintained pay toilet in the CBD.
Kwekwe Residents and Rate Payers Association (KRRA) Secretary General, Alex Homela told The Mirror in an interview that the toilets are not fit for public use because they are always dirty, do not have water and are always clogged.
He said council is prioritising pay toilets in the CBD and neglecting public toilets that everyone has access to.
“There are two dirty and substandard toilets at the bus terminus. One toilet has overgrown grass, smelly stagnant water and is always clogged. We have tried to engage council to solve this problem but the local authority is reluctant.
“Council has spent a fortune on pay toilets while public toilets are dirty and substandard. People working at the Mbizo 2 marketplace and farmers market in the CBD pay council daily but the local authority has failed to construct toilets for them,” he said.
Masvingo CBD which is smaller than Kwekwe has three public toilets. Kwekwe has recorded 11 cholera cases and three cholera related deaths.
Kwekwe Mayor, Albert Zinhanga conceded that there is a public toilet in the city and said that council is working towards refurbishing the two toilets.
“We are fully aware of the challenge as council and we are working tirelessly to fix it. Material is already being delivered for the refurbishment of our public toilets especially those at the bus terminus,” said Zinhanga.
Another pay toilet in the CBD is facing demolition to pave way for the construction of a new court building by the Judicial Services Commission (JSC).

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