PSC warns pensioners against financial cybercrime

SHANISE DZOBOMASVINGO-Government employer, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has warned pensioners against disclosing their banking details to strangers as they may fall prey to financial cybercrime syndicates.In a statement in possession of The Mirror, entitled ‘Warning on Scammers Preying on Pensioners’ the PSC urged pensioners not to respond to messages sent on social media or phone calls enquiring about personal information or banking details.“Never give out personal information to anyone asking online or over the phone; personal identification number (PIN), ID number, date of birth, bank account number, next of kin, phone numbers or email address,” reads part of the notice.The warning comes in the wake of reports from the Police where some people have lost as much as $40 000 from the scammers after unsuspectingly giving away their banking details to criminals.Last week a prominent Chivhu businessman lost $17 000 which was in his Ecocash account to financial cybercrime criminals after they told him he had won an investment amount and asked for his details which he provided.In November 2019 Masvingo Police issued a statement through the Press where they warned members of the public against scammers or chadona criminals after several people complained of losing their savings.“Last year the cases of cybercrime criminals were quite prevalent and after the warnings they went down but early these reports were also made about the crimes something which is very worrying,” said acting Masvingo Province Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa. “Ignore unexpected investment offers on your pension unless you trust the source. If you are contacted for details go in person to the bank where the message claims to originate from and do not be pressured to give details on the phone,” further reads the statement from the Government employer.The PSC also says personal and financial information is currency for cybercrime criminals as they easily access one’s bank account and withdraw cash or apply for a loan and wipe it out easily.PSC also warns pensioners who mistakenly give out personal information to quickly report to the Police, change PIN and visit their bank promptly before they lose lifetime savings.

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