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PSC secretary gets award after serving for 41 years

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PSC secretary gets award after serving for 41 years




MASVINGO – More than 100 executive secretaries and receptionists drawn from the Public Service Commission and Government Ministries gathered at a local hotel in Masvingo from Sunday to Tuesday this week to commemorate the International Secretaries’ Day.

The climax of the event saw several secretaries receiving awards.

The official programme ran throughout Monday with secretaries getting into plenaries where they raised issues which were then presented to the guest of honour, the Secretary to the Public Service Commission Dr Tsitsi Choruma who was represented at the occasion by Ferida Matambo.

Matambo is the PSC head of Support Services.

Also on the programme was a visit to the Great Zimbabwe Monuments and a session to choose the Best Personality among the secretaries present and recommend other specific prizes.

Speaking at the occasion Matambo who was representing Choruma said that the event that was conducted under the theme; ‘Our success – a reflection of your hard work’ was put together to recognize and acknowledge the significance and value of executive assistants and secretaries at the workplace.

She said that Zimbabwe started holding the event for its Public Service secretaries in 2017 and this was temporarily stopped in 2020 because of COVID-19 only to resume this year . The recognition of secretaries internationally however, dates back to the 1950s.

“As executive assistants and secretaries you play a pivotal role in the fulfillment of organizational goals and objectives as you are the key drivers of the day to day running of business as well as the running of the various offices and indeed ministries themselves.

“As such the  very success of all our Managing Directors and Administrators (MDAs), and by extension that of Government reflects directly on your contribution in the grand scheme of things. Without such contribution by each and every one of you, the offices you represent will suffer greatly,” said Dr Choruma.

Three important awards were given on the day; the longest serving secretary present at the event, her runner-up and the other prize was the best personality.

Angeline Mujeka, a secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare got the longest serving secretary’s award that saw her grab a ZWL$300 000 hamper. She joined Government in 1981 and has been in service for 41 years. It has since been advised that Mildred Mahlunge scooped the first prize and therefore Mujeka becomes the first runner up.

The second runner-up was Florence Karimbo who has served Government for 40 years after joining the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services in January 1982 who. She got a ZWL$150 000 hamper.

The Personality Prize was decided by the participants and it went to Virginia Chakabveyo a secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services who received a ZWL$150 000 hamper plus a plus a 40-litre fuel coupon.

There were several other ad hoc prizes given during the programme of the day.

Maggie Mzumara, general manager communications, advocacy and culture change management presented the awards.

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