Provincial Taskforce using Police to cover-up failures

Tamisai Katini.
Mirror Reporter
Masvingo – The Provincial Covid -19 taskforce is abusing Police by ordering cops to beat up members of the public in order to cover up for failed strategies, Tamisai Katini, Chitima Fruit and Vegetable Vendors Association chairperson has said.
She said Police image was being tarnished by people who are outside the force.
Katini who leads the 526-member strong association said this at an impromptu meeting of Masvingo District Covid-19 Taskforce held at market at 5am today.
She accused the Provincial taskforce of coming up with shoddy and ill-prepared strategies to effect the Covid-19 lockdown and when these fail, the taskforce orders Police to beat up members of the public.
“Your Taskforce don’t consult people on the ground when it makes decisions hence your decision to reopen the Farmers’ Section of Chitima Market collapsed. Now I realise you are calling Police from Chikato and Central to come and beat up people who turn up here at the market tomorrow. This is unfair to the Police because you are bringing them in to cover up your mess.
“You are tarnishing the Police’s image. We now realise that every Government department that fails to deliver its mandate to the people is rushing to Police Central to mobilise the Police. It is wrong.
“Consult the people, listen to the people, explain to the people and there will be no need to use violence,” said Katini.
Katini said this to the District Covid Taskforce in the presence of its chairperson, Roy Hove (Masvingo District Development Coordinator); members Dr Tapiwa Muswe, Acting Town Clerk Edward Mukaratirwa, Businessman Stern Kondongwe and Officer Commanding Masvingo District, Superintendent Gastone Boyce.
She pleaded with the taskforce to involve residents including her association in making decisions on issues that affect them.
The taskforce took note of her concerns before asking her to announce to her members that the market would be closed with effect from tomorrow.
She assured the task force that the market would be empty tomorrow.

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