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Prominent politician up for rape 

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Prominent politician up for rape 


Hello everybody compliments of the season. It has been a while since I had a chit-chat with you my fellow countrymen. HOTH is back with a bang. A lot has been happening behind the scenes. Even the notorious Chabangu, Chabengula whatever the case might be, has managed to cause a lot of mayhem in the political arena.

South Africa dragged the Israelis to the International Criminal Court of Justice and in retaliation, Israel removed direct flights from Johannesburg to Tel Aviv. Even near us, the courts ruled that an impostor who came right straight from the blues and started recalling duly elected Members of Parliament is the party’s SG. The courts actually handed him the party on a silver platter.

The best enumerator in the country has been given another six-year term after she made a record-breaking announcement of the presidential results in less than 24 hours, a feat that no other enumerator came close to in the country’s 44-year history. She also had the best mathematical results totalling over 100%. Ko mozodei henyu?

Even the president of the main opposition had called it quits and left Chabangu or Musoro Bhangu marooned in the middle of nowhere trying to drive an engineless car. You should have seen how the Gumbakumba Club apologists are angry with that move. Hanzi hee, he abandoned his supporters. Heee, he is a coward and a deserter yada yada. 

Ko imi marwadziwa nei? This is what happens when people hate you so much and you just decide to leave them whenever they push you out. A lot of people particularly politicians would go to town dissing Uncle Bob, (MHSRIP) blaming him for failing to run the country until they forced him out.

Now who is to blame? The whole blame is on them. That’s how Karma works. If you try to bring someone down with lies, remember to take it as a loan. It will come back to you with an interest.    

As I said a lot has been happening. Everything has gone haywire and topsy-turvy. The country has been dragged into a cistern of political turmoil, dire poverty, the highest unemployment rate and runaway inflation. Blame it on Uncle Bob if you want. 

So as usual I was minding my business when someone brought me this one. Hanzi ko mukuru uya took one of the party supporters to those many congregations the Gumbakumba  Cult usually have. As you all know whenever the cult goes for those meetings there is a lot drinking, eating and merry-making.     

 So, this woman had one too many and the politician allegedly dragged her to his room where they had quality time. Baba vangu Moyo iweeee, aikaka ndajaira mutupo wasahwira. Pakabatwa basa ndopika naBaba vangu Chasura kudai and for the next three days they enjoyed evey minute of their outing.

Hell broke loose when they came back and he picked another chick much to the chagrin of the first one. Baba vangu Madyira iweee! Chaurura, Chitova nedzevamwe iweee. Pakaipa. Zvemaslay queen zvinonetsa izvi.   

As usual, her narrative is that she was taken advantage of because she was drunk. It’s either a woman cannot give consent or she can deliberately cook up a story if you decide to dump her. That’s really bad hey.  Guys, we should refrain from having sex with drunk women. 

Now the woman is struggling to file a report at the police station. No cop is willing to take it up but she is not giving up. I will give you more details later. Keep tuned.

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