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Professor Chivore was a seed, says Perm Sec

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Professor Chivore was a seed, says Perm Sec


Ellen Mlambo


MASVINGO – Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Perm Sec has described the late Professor Boniface Samuel Chivore as a seed out of which many other seeds came from.

Speaking at the burial of the late University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Senior Education lecturer at his plot in Chipinda, Zaka a week ago, Professor Fanuel Tagwira said Chivore was a pioneer in mass education and was a seed that brought forth many others.

He described Chivore (72) as a transformer of the education system, a proponent of practical education, a source of education curricular and a visionary who believed in new IT teaching methods.

“I can name him as someone who was an intellectual breeding stock, a seed, out of which many others have come out from, that’s who he has been to us,” he said.

The funeral was attended by hundreds of mourners including UZ Vice Chancellor, Prof Paul Mapfumo.

Professor Tagwira said many professors, principals and school heads came through his hands.

The curricular for several teachers’ colleges in the country are designed and supervised by UZ’s education department where Professor Chivore was a senior lecturer and an architect of such curricular from independence in 1980.

“Most Professors, Headmasters and Principals came through his hands,” added Tagwira.

Prof Chivore who was diabetic died two weeks ago on an ambulance that was taking him to Makurira Clinic in Masvingo.

He was declared a liberation war hero because of his active role during the liberation struggle in the youth wing and for accommodating Zanu PF luminaries in London during the Lancaster Conference.

“The Ministry and colleges are saddened by the passing on of our hero, Prof Chivore. He was a distinguished academic, well known for his outstanding wisdom and he was practical in everything he did. He was well known in the higher education sector,” said Prof Tagwira.

Prof Chivore’s son, Takaidzwa described his late father as a visionary.

The deceased is survived by seven children and 14 grandchildren.  

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