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Professional Player bashed for cheating

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Professional Player bashed for cheating


Hey guys! HOTH is back again this week with another sizzling hot gossip he bumped into a few days ago. You know I love you so much, and I will never make a false promise to you. Whenever I make a promise, I go to all lengths to fulfil my promise.
Pakadii paAnimal War Vet offices apo. Seka hako HOTH gore rino nyoka inomera magaro chete because masikechi arimuno mutown ka. Huye Don’t. Mwari avenemi vanhu veMasvingo. Busy kushuta mafirimu henyu. Toita sei nevanhu ve Masvingo ava.
I can write oceans of ink to dissuade people from doing bad things around town but vakomana ka kuudzehwe chaiko. Anyway, so is life. Life is what you make it, but I never thought my people would make it that way.
So, HOTH was minding his business as usual and tumbled into a funny story about a Professional Player who was bashed by his girlfriend after he was caught having horizontal exercises with another woman.
So, for progress’ sake, let us call the man Mr PP. If you have any other name you think you want to use when calling him, you are at liberty to use it. Now, I heard the man as his name is a real Professional Player-a veteran who has seen it all. Yes, a player in the Champions League.
Eheezve, you are guessing right. I mean the man who argues to convince Mutongi gava maenzanise to send you to the Big House. Like I told you, he does that in the Higher League. Yes, his League is higher than EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga… you name it. I heard that his home ground is just opposite hukumukati.
I am told that is where all the teams of fairer sex are nutmegged. I am sure those familiar with soccer jargon would know what Panna, nutmeg, tunnel or brooksy is. It means the act of playing the ball through your opponent’s legs. Kusupport unit ndoyavanoti Mike Troop zvee iyoyo. Munoziva wani kuti pavanosvika panoita Temple Run zvamunoziva imi.
So, you catch the drift? I won’t write on acres or space or use oceans of ink to get you in the loop. I am sure you now understand when I say he plays in the Champions League. I really mean it. He knows how to play games both socially and professionally.
Well, I am told that Mr PP recently parted ways with the woman he used to call his wife. I heard they had only one kid. Asi haasiye ega ka. Kune rimwe gurumwandira, svinga revakadzi, team chaiyo yakaenda. Asi newevo unofunga unosaina contract yemakore mangani muleague wayapinda iyi zvoorova munhu kudaro.
Tetekera ndikunyepe sister. You can take a man out of the streets, but you won’t take the streets out of him. No matter how many times a leopard bathes per day, it will never change its spots. That’s a fact-once player always a player. Izvo zvekuda kumuita mufundisi ratovawo drama renyuwo iro.
Her close confidantes have sent HOTH a voice note in which the woman was narrating to a friend what she encountered when she decided to visit her BF without notifying him. HOTH, however, advises all you women out there not to visit your BFs without telling them, otherwise, you will get the shock of your lives.
Anyway, that’s beside the story because the fact remains that he was caught red-handed having it with a certain girl apa hanzi anga achangobva kumaintroductions. So, the lady says in the audio she lost it and beat the daylights out of Mr PP, but to me that’s GBV. I am surprised that she boasts of beating her man.
Hooo katsoko kano fara kana kachinyopora pfeni asi kana zvava kwako koti kwangu kudiki. You have to solve your differences amicably. I heard you burnt the blankets awaiti wakatenga. So, do you mean Mr PP didn’t have blankets? Saka vakasara vachiita sei? Hameno kuda vakuita mutihwa havo kana mhandarukokora.
This mess has left a trail of destruction which will live with you forever if you finally get to solve your problems. The audio and the chats have gone so viral that they will continue to haunt your relationship if you ever care to settle down as hubby and wifey.

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