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Prison guards sent us to steal – pardoned jail bird

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Prison guards sent us to steal – pardoned jail bird



GWANDA – A Gwanda prisoner just released on Presidential Amnesty has accused prison guards of giving prisoners assignments to go out and steal in exchange for mbanje.
In a video that has gone viral, Ganzani Mwanza who was in jail said guards tasked prisoners to steal from companies or individuals who hire prisoners for piece jobs.
Mwanza spoke to a Ngoma Shops representative on camera and confessed that he and his colleagues stole from the shop after they were hired to offload delivered goods.
Matabeleland South media liaison officer for Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS), Terrence Tikiti said he was at ZITF and the matter will be investigated when he returns to the office.
Mwanza demonstrated to Ngoma’s staff how they stole the goods and where they hid them behind the shops before the loot was taken to prison.
He said that they stole tinned foods, drinks and decoders among others.
Mwanza also named a senior prison officer and his colleague who he alleges stole vegetables from prison gardens and sold them in Gwanda.
“I am currently at the ZITF in Bulawayo, l am not aware of the details of the matter but l will investigate,” said Tikiti.
“Today I want to tell the truth. We stole at Ngoma Shop regularly. We were a gang of prisoners. Prison guards sent us to steal, we stole tinned stuff and cans and the loot would be taken to prison and we would be given mbanje. “
The shop usually hires prisoners to offload their goods under the watch of armed prison officers.
Mwanza added that last Saturday the senior officer ordered them to steal a box full of Openview decoders.
“Last Saturday a box full of five decoders disappeared, they were four boxes but here at the shop we offloaded three, even if you check your stock now you will find they are three boxes, the other one was taken by Bhekimpilo Dube and l can go and show you where the box was finally delivered, this shop has been firing workers because of us stealing and taking goods to prison, “said Mwanza.
In another video Mwanza then leads the shop crew to a caravan behind the shop where he says they hid their loot.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week granted amnesty to over 4 000 inmates across the country and also commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment to all inmates who have been on death row for over a decade.

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