Prince Charlie dating Masvingo grandma

Hello everyone. Guys, how is the latest weather? I am tempted to tell you that it`s officially summer now.  Even yours truly Hoth has been stretching his checkered and black-spotted legs every afternoon of late. I love this weather. It is super dope for the homeless like us tiri kwedu kuma gumtrees uko.

What else can we do in this ancient city? Everything has gone old. Speaking of age reminds me of men from the country`s oldest town who have resorted to dating old women. Hanzi everything old is now fashionable pano pedu paMasvegas wena.

 I am told Prince Charlie has of late been scouting from homes for senior citizens. Yes, homes for senior citizens. You know it`s rude to call them old people`s homes.   Prince Charlie as the name suggests is a teacher at the former colonial white school in town. I am sure most of you are aware of the school built during the Victorian times. Yes that`s the school you are not mistaken.

NdiRabbie chaivo vechirumbi semuzukuru waQueen so and he is also a sports trainer. Although vari Mhofu havo I think he was adopted ini. How come he became a prince? I am told he picked up this quinquagenarian pedophile grandma. Yes, quinquagenarian is someone between the age of fifty and fifty-nine, inclusive.

You think because I spent most of my time kuma gumtrees you can underrate me when it comes to English? Hey! Prince Charlie! Challenge accepted if you feel Hoth is just a dump ass.

Ndakanzwa kuti Prince vakungoimba ‘Hiiiiiii mwana Getty’ and has dumped his two kids and wife ipo pedu paTarget Kopje apo. The wife is a teacher kuRenco uko, so I am told. I stand to be corrected here. Should I call the quinquagenarian mwana Getty or Mbuya Getty? Chete miti mizhinji inonakira kukuva hayo.

Kkkkkkkk Seka hako Moyondizvo iwe. Asi chii nemi mateacher nhai? When did you trade chalk for sperm donation? Hoth is reliably informed relationship is over six years old and your donation resulted in a five-year old product. I heard the product is attending crèche ikoko kuTarget Kopje.

Chengeta mhuri mhani iwe Prince Charlie. Unfortunately, Hoth is just a nobody in the community; I could have asked if Magogo could help me with an insurance policy.  I am told you Gogo Getty used to be popular for selling policies, but news reaching my desk is that she had retired from the trade.

I am told granny`s other specialty is hubby snatching. Apa hanzi ndimai vaMaria. Obvious Maria`s mother was Mbuya Anna. If you are a Catholic you know that one. I shouldn`t get deeper in issues to do with other vazodziwa vaMwari who are not part of the scandal. After all those at the Shake-Shake building have already described Catholic as pariah Church working with dark forces and terrorist opposition parties to topple a democratically elected government. Lord Have Mercy!!!  

Pane akatsotsa chimoms chikatsi chavo so that he can drive her Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) yacho and he has recently relocated to Sisk. Iyo RAV RAVE RAN4 iyo iya yeblue, or green. I am not good with colours hangu; asi ndiyoyo. The prince is pushing that wheel these days. Ooh shame! Zvinopera mushe here izvi? 

I dont want to be judgmental hangu, but is it sexy to spend a week wearing a tracksuit inscribed the name of a non-governmental organisation nhai Prince?   Izvozvo ndezvedu isu vanaHoth. We can wear anything from party regalia to school T-Shirts and track suits. Zvimwe zvinhu zvinongopedza strong so but Prince Charlie Chengeta vana.

Hellooo Mwari!! I think these guys from Shake Shake building are drinking too much maybe chava kachasu in terms of threatening my good Bishops vakazodzwa. The last time I opened the holy book I came across two verses (1 Chronicles 16 vs 22 and Psalm 105 vs 15) and they say “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm”. I don`t think kuti nyaya iri kubuda kuShake Shake building vs vazodziwa vaMwari ichapera mushe. Hoth goes back into his hiding!!!!!

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