Pride of lions cause lockdown in Chipinge

Ellen Mlambo
CHIPINGE- Berty Chigwe (20) from Munyamana Village under Chief Musikavanhu in Chipinge was attacked and seriously injured by three lions believed to have escaped from Humani Ranch near Bikita yesterday morning.
The lions only left Chigwe after he cried out for help.
The lions which also slightly injured Chigwe’s nephew Muzi Chikowo (14) have caused a lockdown in Chipinge as people are now afraid to go out.
Chipinge RDC Ward 21 councillor Lucas Muchinani confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with The Mirror.
The lions attacked three members of the same family who were harvesting cotton in the field and the third who was not injured climbed up a tree. A source said one of the lions immediately attacked Chigwe on spotting the three.
Chigwe was seriously injured on his leg, mouth and on the ear. He was taken to St Peter’s Hospital and Chikowo who had slight injures was taken to Rimbi Clinic.
The lions are said to have terrorised a number of households and this has left people in a different type of lockdown.
Chigwe’s mother Esther Sithole said she is shocked and pained by what his son encountered.She said when Chigwe was battling to save his life, he screamed for help and the lion left him.
The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority attended the scene.#MasvingoMirror#

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