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President denounces violence

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President denounces violence


President Mnangagwa has castigated violent tendencies among Western-sponsored puppet political parties, saying the scourge retards economic development.

To ensure the country continues on its recovery path, President Mnangagwa told thousands of Zanu PF supporters who thronged Bikita Minerals Stadium yesterday that Zimbabweans must next year resoundingly vote for Zanu PF, the party that will not be arm-twisted into reversing the Land Reform programme and that will also stand with and for the people.

He said because of the Land Reform Programme, Zimbabwe was slapped with illegal economic sanctions but even under that baneful yoke, Zanu PF will not flinch.

“Under the Second Republic, we have an Engagement and Re-engagement policy to reach out to those who imposed sanctions on us because of the land reform programme and we have told them that we will not reverse it.

“I would like to urge the whole of Masvingo province to be united. No nation will be built while people are squabbling. Don’t listen to puppets of some foreign nations.

“We don’t want violence, let’s vote peacefully in next year’s elections,” President Mnangagwa said.

After mixed fortunes across the country during this year’s agricultural season, the President promised the people of Bikita, who were not spared the erratic rains, that Government will provide those in need, grain free of charge.

“Last year we had a bountiful agricultural season. However, this year the rains were different and some did not have meaningful harvests.

“Let me promise you that no one will starve in Zimbabwe, we have enough stocks in our strategic grain reserves. We are going to give those in need of grain and it will be for free”.

Since coming to power in 2017, President Mnangagwa has been hard at work building clinics, roads, dams, and other key development projects that have found resonance with the masses.

The President was accompanied by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Minister of Defence and War Veterans Oppah Muchinguri, Politburo members and the Zanu PF top leadership from Masvingo Province. Herald

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