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Porusingazi in unity call after landing Chipinge South ticket

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Porusingazi in unity call after landing Chipinge South ticket


CHIPINGE South Zanu PF candidate, Cde Enock Porusingazi, who has been endorsed as the winner in the
just-ended party primaries after coming second to a brewer of illegal alcohol and drug peddler, has said he
is ready to represent the party, calling for unity of purpose among the contestants to ensure a
resoundingly victory in the coming elections.
The party declared Cde Porusingazi winner after it emerged that Cde Robert Nyemudzo was involved in
illegal brewing of alcohol.
A veteran politician, Cde Porusingazi first became legislator in 2005.
“Iʼm more than ready to represent the party in Chipinge South as usual,” he said in an interview.
“Itʼs a call of duty for me and I will fulfil the promise made during the campaigns whole heartedly. I will go
an extra mile to fulfil the task so as to attain the five million votes plus target.
“We want the party to ensure unity of purpose among the contestants. The party is bigger than an
individual and we want all the contestants to mobilise party members to vote for Zanu PF. There are no
losers in Zanu PF.”
Cde Porusingazi said the task lying ahead was to mobilise five million votes for the President and the party
to ensure a resounding victory.
“I urge all party cadres and the generality of constituency residents to come together for our goal to vote
for President Mnangagwa,” he said.
“I humbly submit myself to those that we were in the race with to come together to achieve one common
goal of unity and put our party first.
“We donʼt want just a victory, but a resounding victory.
“We want the President, the MPs, senators and the councillors to win by a bigger margin in this yearʼs
harmonised elections.”
Zanu PF has said violence mongers, drug lords and criminals were disqualified from standing for the ruling
party in the forthcoming elections as the ruling party maintains high ethical standards.
This comes as the ruling party has set the democratic bar high as it walks democracy and prepares for the
2023 harmonised elections with a winning team.
“It is in this context that in Chipinge South, Cde Robert Nyemudzo was disqualified and the reason is he
allegedly owns a factory at his home and it is one of the biggest brewers of tumbwa (illicit beer),” said
Zanu PF spokesperson Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa.
“You will recall that recently, the Politburo had a long discussion on illegal drugs. This is a menace that the
country is facing, this candidate was alleged to be involved in drugs and we are saying we will not accept a
person who has a nefarious means of making a living.”
A􀁹er initially winning the primary elections, Cde Nyemudzo was arrested on allegations of brewing the
illicit beer and drug peddling at Checheche Growth Point, leading the party nullifying the victory.
The disqualification of Cde Nyemudzo paved way for Cde Porusingazi, the incumbent MP, who had come
second in the primaries.
Last week, the Politburo endorsed the final list of candidates who will represent the party in the upcoming
harmonised elections. Herald

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