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Political lies galore in Chibhoraniland

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Political lies galore in Chibhoraniland


By Sekuru Taurai

Thank God the campaign dust has finally settled down. We can now enjoy some peace and quiet until the next elections. They have been running around all over the constituency with loud hailers and loud speakers shouting on top of their voices telling people to vote for so and so who want to be a member of parliament or councilor. We have seen them gathering hundreds or thousands of people just to tell voters who to vote for. 

They say politics is a game of lying. Not always and everywhere of course. However, unfortunately we do see a lot of lying in our Chibhoraniland politics. Just before elections aspiring candidates move around their constituencies promising schools, good roads, water, clinics and whatever they think will be good bait. We have even seen some making roads with graders that had their pictures displayed on them. The question is will those graders continue to make roads until the next elections? Some candidates were dolling out food hampers in front of cameras. Will these hampers continue to flow until the next elections? Those with no resources were making all sorts of promises. Will these promises be fulfilled even after being voted into office? What usually happens is that the promises remain empty promises never to be fulfilled. So it is not surprising that some call politics a game of lying. The usual scenario is that of politicians who after being voted for would go on to enjoy the benefits of their offices and forget the voters who would have put them in those high offices until the next elections without thinking of the people who voted for them. Politicians are put into offices to serve their communities and the country at large. If they make promises they should fulfill those promises. When they fail, which is humanly possible, it is proper on their honourable part to give plausible reasons. Why be given the title ‘’Honourable’’ when you are far from being honourable? Stop lying you politicians. Maybe we should seriously consider going back to our tradition and be ruled by chiefs who will then employ Ministers to run the different departments.

Now we are also left with the campaign waste of useless posters still on walls, poles, trees and other places. These posters should be removed by whosoever put them up soon after any election. It is actually an offence to leave them spoiling our beautiful environment. But in Chibhoraniland who cares? They will be there for days and months to come. https://masvingomirror.com/

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