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Police tail poaching syndicates

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Police tail poaching syndicates


Poaching syndicates have killed at least two rhinoceros this month and are suspected of moving around the country targeting the animals and cutting off their horns.

The rhino is targeted for its horn in the underground, illegal wildlife markets, particularly in Asia, where dubious cultural beliefs drive demand.

In the latest killing, police in Bikita discovered on Sunday a carcass of a white rhino buried in a pit in a bushy area with some body parts missing.

The carcass had two gunshot wounds on its shoulder implying that a gun was used to kill it before being de-horned.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police have launched a manhunt for the gang involved in the case.

The carcass was found slightly buried in a pit approximately 1,5 metres deep covered with a black polythene plastic and some tree branches.

Last Monday, police in Matobo recovered a black rhinoceros’ carcass at Makotama Resettlements believed to have been killed by another poaching syndicate.

Police discovered that the animal had two wildlife sensors used to record the speed, acceleration, tilt angle, and direction of movement of an animal and they recovered a bullet head on the forehead.

The carcass which had its horns missing was scanned with a GPX 5000 metal detector leading to the recovery of two wildlife sensors and a bullet head on the forehead.

Meanwhile police in Lupane have arrested Bhekhithemba Ndlovu (31) and Eshuet Sitsha (37) for unlawful possession of hazardous substances.

The suspects were apprehended by members of the community after they were seen loitering at the Elephant corridor in Zikungwa village.

Searches were conducted on the suspects leading to the recovery of three syringes of a substance suspected to be cyanide and 10 oranges injected with the substance which they intended to dispose in the forest to poison elephants.Herald.

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