Police shuts down all Masvingo pharmacies

Mirror ReporterMasvingo – Masvingo residents who fall ill after 1pm are getting stranded as Police has ordered that all pharmacies in the city operate for only  four hours; from 9am to 1pm every day.It is ironic that at a time when all hospitals and clinics are shut down that Police is worsening the health crisis in the country by forcing pharmacies to shut down.A pharmacist who spoke on condition of anonymity said there are people who are coming with serious medical conditions but are failing to get help once it is after 1 pm.He said that the situation in Masvingo is different from Harare where pharmacies are allowed to open until late.Efforts to get a comment from Officer Commanding Masvingo  Nyazema were fruitless as his phone continuously went on voice mail.The Provincial Medical Director, Amadeaus Shamhu did not pick his phone.A Rujeko woman who spoke to The Mirror said she had migrane headache at around 5pm yesterday but all pharmacies were closed.“The headache became terrible towards midnight last night and I had to post a message on various WhatsApp groups asking for anyone who could help with pain killers. I thought I was dying. Am fortunate that someone in of the groups picked and offered to help,  I had to go and collect the tablets from his home.“Pharmacies should not be closed. They are an emergency,” said the woman who is a teacher at a local school.https://masvingomirror.com

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