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Police shoot dead 4 robbers


Police shoot dead 4 robbers


Police yesterday killed four armed robbers in Gwanda during a shootout after the

robbers resisted arrest, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul

Nyathi said yesterday.

Asst Com Nyathi said more details will be released today, but the gang hijacked a car

from a woman in the morning leading to a police pursuit.

“Yes I can confirm that four robbers were shot dead by officers today. We will give

more details tomorrow. We are saying no to armed robbers.

“The robbers stole from a woman around 10 am, leading to police pursuit of the

robbers. They were seen by police officers around 3pm and were pursued,” he said.

Asst Com Nyathi said the police saw that they were armed and that is when a shootout

ensued leading to the death of the armed robbers.

Armed robberies are also on the rise, with robbers using guns and other weapons to

seize huge amounts of cash from businesses and individuals.

The police have been pushing their own investigation and pursuit of robbers and while

some robbers and gangs surrender when called upon to do so, others open fire in the

hope of being able to escape. In those circumstances police are legally allowed to shoot


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