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Police killing: Chivhu pastor breaks down during inquest

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Police killing: Chivhu pastor breaks down during inquest


Moses Madyira

CHIKOMBA – Abinel Mukaro broke into tears on Wednesday during an inquest into how CID cops at Chivhu allegedly tortured his wife to death during an investigation into missing US$1 900.
Two other witnesses, the deceased Sharai Mukaro’s daughter Ivy Mukaro and a Church of Christ pastor, Nelson Chirambadare who was at the Police Station at the time of the alleged torture and is a witness also sobbed on the opening day of the inquest.
Mukaro told Provincial Magistrate Henry Sande at Chivhu that his wife died 10 hours after she was released from Chivhu Police Station where she was tortured until she could barely walk.

Sharai was allegedly tortured on September 11, 2021 and released the same day at around 5pm and she died the next day at 3am.
The accused Police officers were under Steven Dondo who was the head of the investigation. Dondo refused to say whether Sharai was tortured or not arguing that he later left the other Police officers as he went to attend to another case.
One of the CID officers accused of severely torturing Sharai was only identified as Moyo and is said to have .
Mukaro said on September 10, 2021 five detectives armed with a pistol and a button stick knocked at their bedroom window while they were in the company of their daughter, Ivy.

They demanded US$1 900 which they alleged was left in the hands of Sharai by Tinashe Mukote who was wanted for robbery and theft. The family professed ignorance over the money and Mukaro and his wife were then instructed to follow the detectives to CID offices while Ivy went with them in another car.
At the Police station they were told to come back the next day.
Sharai and her husband arrived at the station at around 6am on September 11 and she was allegedly taken into a ‘dark room’ where she was beaten on the soles of her feet. She was taken outside for a moment.

Ivy and her husband then arrived. Ivy and her mother were then taken into the ‘dark room’ again where they were severely assaulted by a female officer. After the torture, they were ordered to get out of the room and wait for further interrogation.
At this point Mukaro could hardly walk. She limped and fell asleep at the CID premises. One detective allegedly warned them that they would die of torture if they did not release the stolen money. A Police officer allegedly reminded them of a lady from Charuma who died at the hands of CID officers because she wouldn’t release information.
The deceased was then released at 5pm and died the next morning at 3am.

Ivy wept bitterly as she narrated how her mother was severely beaten on the soles of her feet and Chirambadare also wept forcing the court to adjourn for 20 minutes. Chirambadare said he tried to intervene by calling a senior CID officer based in Marondera but was told by one detective involved in the assault that the only thing that worked at CID offices was returning stolen money and not calls.
Dondo said he never detained Sharai. He said these were Christians who came to the Police station on their own accord. He could however, not say whether the deceased was detained or not. He claimed to have become busy with other cases.

Mukote allegedly broke into a house and burnt it afterwards. Mukote has since been sentenced to 18 years in prison for the crime.
The Mukaro family is represented by Tinashe Chinopfukutwa of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights while the State is represented by Corrence Chimbadzwa.https://masvingomirror.com/


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