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Police ‘ignores’ wanted Zanu PF activists

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Police ‘ignores’ wanted Zanu PF activists



GUTU – John Chenhare, a businessman at Chatsworth has accused Police of lying in court that Zanu PF activists accused of violence are at large when in fact they are seen in public and at party meetings distributing welfare goods.
Chenhare is a witness in a case in which CCC supporters clashed with Zanu PF supporters at Chiriga Business Centre where Nelson Chamisa was supposed to address a rally ahead of the November 11, 2023, by-election in Gutu West.
Five CCC supporters were immediately arrested and whisked to court where they each paid US$20 bail.
None of the suspected Zanu PF suspects has been arrested with Police telling the court that they are all at large.
“It is not true that these suspects are missing. They are always in public but Police is avoiding them. One of the suspects, Zanu PF chairman for Chiriga district Robson Gahadzikwa was seen on Monday at Chiriga Business Centre where he was distributing pesticides to party members and today he is distributing fertilizer to party supporters at the same place … ,” said Chenhare during the trial of the CCC members on Thursday.
Gahadzikwa allegedly led the attack against CCC members.
The seven unidentified supporters allegedly clashed with five CCC supporters who were guarding an open space at Chiriga Business Centre where Chamisa was supposed to address party supporters on November 9, 2023.
Ephraim Morudu of CCC was contesting against Zanu PF’s John Paradza, National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) Robson Kurwa and an independent candidate Martin Sebastian Mudzingwa.
The accused CCC members are Patrick Chimbare, Tapiwa Chiro, Brian Sithole, Takudzwa Mashiri and Priviledge Goremasandu.

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