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Police arrests CCC activists over Gutu violence

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Police arrests CCC activists over Gutu violence


Mirror Reporter

Gutu – In a turn of events that is not surprising in Zimbabwe, Police at Mpandawana Growth Point has arrested and charged with assault two Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activists who were attacked and left for dead by Zanu PF supporters two weeks ago.
Human Rights lawyer Martin Mureri confirmed the arrest of Tinotenda Makumbe (20) and Jervas Makumbe (45) who were abducted at Mpandawana Growth Point on November 22, 2022 and assaulted by a group of armed Zanu PF supporters, made to lie in pool of sewerage and left for dead.
The two Makumbe siblings will appear at Gutu Magistrates Court on Monday, said Mureri who is representing them.
Two weeks ago the media extensively reported an orgy of violence unleashed by Zanu PF supporters who went around the Growth Point armed with knives, catapults and stones beating people and one of them is the wife of CCC councillor Bernard Chimwango.
A Zanu PF politburo member is said to be the architect of the violence while a wealth Cabinet Minister from Gutu is said to be financing the violence.
The Makumbe brothers reported their case at Gutu Police Station on the day that they were assaulted but Police refused to open dockets. Police only gave them a request for medical examination but they were allegedly turned away at the local hospital after an instruction from Zanu PF not to give them medical help.
Two weeks ago, Masvingo East Dispol Chief Superintendent Taurai Mambure convened an all political parties meeting at Mpandawana at which CCC leadership complained against ZRP’s protection of Zanu PF culprits.
The Mirror is reliably informed that the complainant Deadly Poronario, only reported his case to Police when he got wind that a team of CID detectives from Masvingo was coming to investigate Zanu PF violence last week. He allegedly rushed to make a report and local Police swiftly responded and arrested the original complainants.
Poronario says he was in the company of senior Zanu PF member Joseph Mudziwepasi when he was assaulted.
Ironically Poronario says he was assaulted for wearing a yellow short which is the CCC colour.

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