Poaching at Mushandike: Runyararo West man arrested 

Ndhliyase Mlambo


Masvingo – A man from Runyararo West in Masvingo has appeared before Magistrate Philip Makondo for allegedly slaughtering a blue wildebeest which he and an accomplice caught at Mushandike National Park using a snare.

The court heard that on October 19, 2022 at around 4am, Tumirayi Bvirinyangwe (47) and Kemesi Mhiti who is still at large went to the Park in Masvingo and used a snare to catch the blue wildebeest.

They skinned the blue wildebeest and hid the meat in sacks which they took to Village 15 in Mushandike. They asked Denhere Bhusumani to refrigerate the meat while they looked for buyers at Bhuka Business Centre.

In the same evening, Police acting on a tipoff raided Bhusumani’s place and arrested Bvirinyangwe and recovered the meat.

Magistrate Makondo postponed the matter for judgment.

Nixon Chamisa prosecuted on the state side.

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