Pharmacies, private surgeries to give Covid19 vaccines

CHIVHU – In a bid to quicken the pace, Government has enlisted the services of pharmacies and surgeries in its covid19 vaccination programme, the Deputy Minister of Health and Childcare, Dr Mangwiro has said.
However, the private institutions will vaccinate for a normal administration fee of RTGS$434,34 for a jab given by a doctor and RTGS$220,64 for a jab given by a nurse. Getting vaccination in public clinics and hospitals will remain free.
Pharmacies and surgeries interested in participating in the programme are required to apply to the Provincial Medical Directors said Mangwiro.
“Pharmaceutical companies that have capacity, storage facilities and nursing staff can join in the vaccination programme. We urge those in the private medical sector to partner government in the inoculation process,” said Dr Mangwiro.
Government targets to vaccinate one million people during this extended lockdown period
“The private sector will access the vaccines, syringes, registers and vaccination cards from the provincial Medical Directors (PMDs) and City Health Directors who will be monitoring the implementation of the programme.

“The recruitment of the private sector into the vaccination programme is subject to the participants not charging for the vaccines, daily reporting of statistics to the next level through the PMDS and City Health Directors and reporting of adverse events following immunisation if any,” he said.
“We encourage those who are interested in the vaccination programme to apply from the Provincial Medical Director for approval,” said Chivhu District Medical Director Gift Munjanja.
Pharmaceutical companies who spoke to The Mirror in Chivhu said they were glad to be included in the inoculation process.
The idea to incorporate private medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies has been introduced in countries like South Africa, Botswana, America among others.
Zimbabwe launched Covid-19 vaccination programme on February 28 this year and is targeting vaccinating 60 percent of its 14 million population this year.
As of August 15, a total of 2 064 314 had received their first jab while 1 224 715 had their second dose.
Zimbabweans were initially reluctant to get the jab but there has been a scramble for the vaccine of late after Government announced that unvaccinated civil servants will not receive Covid allowancess.
Last week, churches were given the green light to give service to fully vaccinated congregants.

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