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Perennial water challenges hit Kwekwe

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Perennial water challenges hit Kwekwe



KWEKWE – Kwekwe suburbs are going for weeks without running tap water owing to recurrent pipe bursts, old and outdated pipes and breakdowns at the water plant.
Councillors expressed concern over the situation during a full council meeting held at the Civic Centre last Friday. They said this is a result of old and dilapidated infrastructure.
“We do not have water supply for two to three weeks in Chicago, we need to know what is causing this because this problem keeps recurring and the residents are in trouble,” said Ward 10 Councillor Solomon Matsa.
Director of the Works Department Engineer John Mhike said they are using only two instead of six pumps resulting in low pressure.
He said the replacement of old pipes is now 50% complete.
“We had a major breakdown at the water works which resulted in us having only two pumps instead of six working which is causing low water pressure throughout the city but we have since worked on the breakdown and four pumps are now working so we expect some changes in the coming weeks.
“It is true that Chicago had no water for the past weeks because of that low pressure we talked about but we are expecting some changes. The recurring bursts along Mvuma road are also being rectified as we are putting new pipes. The process is almost 50% complete,” said Mhike.
Ward 9 Councillor Maxwell Judha Chimombo said residents in his ward are receiving water for short spaces of time yet their bills are ballooning.
Ward 12 Councillor Alphonce Mugwagwa complained that some pipes in his ward burst in February and were only attended to recently. He said there is need for a permanent solution to the incessant water challenges.

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