People ignore lockdown rules in Chipinge -District Development Co-ordinator


CHIPINGE – People in Chipinge are ignoring Covid19 lockdown rules and going about their business as usual, the District Development Co-ordinator (DDC), William Mashava has said.

He said that the success of the Government campaign against the devastating pandemic is jeopardized in Chipinge as a result of the recklessness and negative attitude of the people. Mashava said this when he posted a message on a WhatsApp group last week. He appealed the corporate world to offer vehicles that will be used to intensify campaigns and awareness against the pandemic.

“Our people are however uncaringly going about their usual daily chores and this attitude certainly points to a bleak future ahead of us,” said Mashava.

In an interview with Chipinge Times Mashava said his main areas of concern are funerals and gatherings in shops.
He said Government needed to intervene despite appeals that have been sent.

Asked why Police was not acting against people who are violating the law, Mashava said there was limited manpower. A survey by The Mirror showed that people continue to gather in large numbers in the usual popular places like Chipinge Urban, Checheche, Maunganidze (Birchenough Bridge), Chibuwe and Rimbi among others. There are huge gatherings at market places and beerhall backyards where no social distance is respected.

Money changers remain a menace in the urban settlements. Chipinge has been declared one of the hot spots of Covid in the country with 177 cases reported. The district has five deaths.

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