Passenger thrown out, breaks leg in Police kombi chase


MASVINGO –A Mucheke man is admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital with a fractured leg after being thrown out of a kombi that was engaged in a high-speed chase with a Police vehicle at Caravan Park recently.

Jealousy Mashiri and three other passengers who were sitting by the door were thrown out of the kombi onto the roadside after the vehicle rammed into a signpost with the door also falling off.

Masvingo Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he is not aware of the matter.

A lawyer who spoke to The Mirror said Police are not allowed to engage in high-speed chases with vehicles carrying passengers.

Sources told The Mirror that the kombi plies the Masvingo-Nyika route and the vehicle was taken to the VID after the accident. Some of the passengers were taken to Masvingo Central Police Station and later released.

A Mirror crew visited Mashiri at the hospital who said that the chase began at Masvingo Magistrates Court when a Police truck approached the kombi at high speed.

“The vehicle was parked next to Masvingo Magistrates Court when a speeding Police truck arrived.

“Police officers began hitting the kombi with their button sticks and the driver drove away towards Nyika at high speed but he hit a rock at Caravan Park and the vehicle nearly overturned at the edge of the road before hitting a Shakashe River signpost causing the door to fall off throwing out passengers,” said Mashiri.

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