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Party regalia causes commotion at swearing in ceremony

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Party regalia causes commotion at swearing in ceremony




MASVINGO – Masvingo Town Clerk, Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa stirred a hornet’s nest at today’s swearing-in ceremony for councilors when he called upon Municipal Police to eject a CCC woman who donned party regalia.

Mukaratirwa noticed that a woman sitting in the middle of the hall was wearing a yellow dress with the party name inscribed on the bosom. He stood up and told the gathering that council events were apolitical and therefore party regalia was not allowed at the local authority’s occasions.

He then ordered one of the security personnel to escort the woman out but there was a backlash from other CCC members who were the majority in the hall. They pointed fingers at two Zanu PF councillors who donned the scarf that has become the trademark for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and said that was also part of Zanu PF regalia.

The CCC members broke into song and ordered the woman not to leave unless the two councilors left or removed their scarfs. The standoff lasted for more than 10 minutes until Chamber secretary Vitalis Shonhayi called for closing remarks since all the councilors had been sworn in and the ceremony was at the very end. The councillors are Roki Kamuzonda (Ward 3), Aleck Tabe (Ward 4), Daniel Mberikunashe (Ward 5), and Richard Musekiwa (Ward 7).https://masvingomirror.com

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