Parktown:Harare’s sick township

This is not about the characters, its about the place. And what it represents.
It’s called Parktown, a place in time where humans live.
Yes, a place in geography where 6th Street and Masocha Ndhlovu Drive meet, yes you are right, the place in downtown Waterfalls in the bad city of Harare.
Yes, its a place where humans live, humans like Getrich who is quarrelsome when drunk, but polite and affable when sober. Who knows, one day Getrich may get rich. Or so he says.
And there is Zano the mechanic, whose name means possessing the wit to make a plan in the midst of adversity. He uses his wit to win a beer.
And there is Chihera the bar lady. She smiles even if drunks crack dirty jokes, and still laughs when a customer says a humourless joke.
There are also boys and girls whose names l can’t disclose, they sell money for a small commission, important participants in Parktown’s economic hub who are themselves the unofficial exchange bureau. They are the banking facilities of Parktown promenade, Zimbabwe’s own Wall Street where exchange rates are determined.
Yes, its Parktown, where defiant drunks drink and puke their wages.
Yes, its Parktown, where stingy downtrodden lawyers drink.
Yes, its Parktown, where the illicit lick is sold which makes those who drink it sick.
Yes, its Parktown, an unremarkable shopping centre symbolising a sick society which Zimbabwe is.

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