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Parents shut down Gutu school over administrative squabbles 

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Parents shut down Gutu school over administrative squabbles 




MASVINGO – Parents at Batanayi Primary School in Gutu have withdrawn their children forcing the school to close over alleged power fights between the head and his deputy that have seen pass rates dropping. 

Batanayi School Development Committee (SDC) chairperson, Ezekiel Chamisa confirmed the matter to The Mirror.

He added that the school failed to submit its 2024 budget to the District Schools Inspector (DSI) Ronald Muganhu over the matter.

“Yes parents withdrew their children from the school and there have been no lessons since Wednesday. We failed to submit our 2024 budget to the DSI last year because of the battles and we approached the DSI to intervene and he is yet to respond to us. The infighting has adversely affected the pass rate and this is the main parents why parents withdrew their children,” he said. 

Muganhu told The Mirror that the matter is before the Provincial Education Director (PED) Shylatte Mhike who had not responded to questions sent on her WhatsApp by the time of going to Press. 

School head, Aaron Tarugarira referred questions to Muganhu. 

Parents who spoke to The Mirror sad the fights between Tarugarira and his deputy Enock Sithole began in 2019. They alleged that Tarugarira sidelines Sithole and appoints other teachers to carry out his tasks.

The fights are such that the duo reverses each other’s decisions and influence teachers to undermine the other.

 “The head doesn’t work well with his deputy. As we speak he is on leave and he left a senior teacher Mutero in charge while Sithole is there. Our pass rate is miserable. We recorded a 22% pass rate in 2022 and it slightly improved to 43% last year. We used to have better pass rates,” said one parent who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal on his children.

Another parent said they will bring their children back to the school once the head and his deputy have been transferred. 

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