Parents shocked by Daramombe High head’s lack of decorum

CHIVHU – Parents at the Anglican- Church run Daramombe High are shocked by a letter allegedly written to them by the head, Courage Chikasha over fees whose contents they say is below the standards expected of his office and lacks decorum.
Even Chikomba District Schools Inspector Emmanuel Kwenda expressed surprise at the contents of the letter and said that he was going to investigate the matter.
The letter which is doing rounds on social media has a strong message, telling parents who cannot afford the $32 000 fees to transfer their children elsewhere. It says that boarding school is a luxury and she will be very happy to process transfers.
Critics said that the letter dated May 27, 2021 clearly shows that head has no empathy and her interest is on money and not the children.
“Lastly, boarding education is a luxury. Basic education is everywhere where you can enroll your child and never pay a cent. If $32 000 is very expensive for you, please we are going to be very happy to process a transfer for your child and there is a file full of applicants who are willing to pay $40 000 plus.”
However, Chikasha refuted the allegations and said the letter was crafted on social media.
“It is social media my son, leave it as it is. There might be some rogue elements who are aimed at downgrading the school through social media,” she said.
“I haven’t heard this case but I will look into the matter. Using mockery language in a public institution like this is not acceptable. Thank you for informing us,” said Kwenda.

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