Parents seek US$10 000 for child’s heart surgery


CHIREDZI – Parents of a child born with a heart problem in Masvingo are urgently appealing for US$10 000 to send their child Christy Tanyara to India for a surgical operation.
The child is running out of time as Truncus Arteriosus that she is suffering from is best corrected at eight weeks. The girl who was born on December 19, 2019 is now two months and her condition is deteriorating by the day, said her father Tafadzwa Tanyara.
The parents have so far raised US$3 000 which means they need $7 000 more.
Surgical operations for such a condition are not available in Zimbabwe but they can be obtained in South Africa and India. In South Africa the cost is however much higher at R800 000 or US$50 000 at the current rate.
“Christy was born prematurely at Makurira Clinic and it is through the Grace of God that she is still alive. We are appealing for assistance from well-wishers so that we can go with her to India for a surgery. Her condition needed a surgery at 8 weeks and she is now two months old and her condition is getting worse on a daily basis. Her hands, feet as well the tongue are blueish in colour; symptoms that her blood has little oxygen” said Tanyara.
Tanyara works for a hardware in Masvingo.
Well-wishers can deposit money in an FBC Nostro Account number 0455113030291. The account is under the mother Bridgeter Wapwanyika’s name. Alternatively there is an RTGS account at Steward Bank Masvingo and the number is 1007714404 and it is in the name Tafadzwa Tanyara. An Ecocash account number is 0776685576 also in the name of Bridgeter Wapwanyika.

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