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Parents call for rerun of Mashoko School SDC elections

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Parents call for rerun of Mashoko School SDC elections


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CHIREDZI – Parents at Mashoko Christian Schools’ Shingai Primary in Chiredzi have called for a rerun of School Development Committee (SDC) elections held on Thursday last week after accusing the responsible authority of rigging them.
Parents have since written a petition to the District Schools Inspector (DSI), Petronella Nyangwe to intervene.
Outgoing Shingai SDC secretary, Jonathan Shonhiwa said there was rigging at the elections and confirmed the petition to the DSI.
The parents’ petition is against Samuel Mahwehwe, the education secretary who allegedly dropped a candidate with 126 votes and placed his favoured candidate who had 20 votes, according to the petition.

Mahwehwe said he was driving when called by The Mirror. He asked the reporter to call him after five minutes but did not pick his phone thereafter.
Mashoko Christian Schools have been riddled with corruption allegations and the latest being Mashoko High School in Bikita where the head Tranos Mbwirire has since been transferred to Gutu High School without charge.
“Shingai parents have been deprived of their rights to choose SDC member Pastor Morica Chikwanda. Responsible Authority (RA) has used his powers based on factionalism to drop Pastor Chikwanda who was voted for by parents,” reads the letter dated May 20, 2022.
All the drama started when Pastor Chikwanda who is a member of Church of Christ (Somabhula faction) was nominated. (Somabhula faction is another Church of Christ faction).

Chikwanda allegedly garnered more than 129 votes but the RA for Mashoko Christian Schools, Mahwehwe who is the Education Secretary for Mashoko Christian schools who was facilitating the elections then dropped Chikwanda’s name and put one Svuure’s name.
An SDC should have five members so seven nominations were made and the nominees were instructed to move out so that the elections will commence in their absence.
Chikwanda is said to have been the first and Mahwehwe instead of writing Chikwanda’s name, wrote Svuure’s who got 20 votes.
This did not go well with the parents and there was commotion.
Shonhiwa said parents are waiting for Ngwenya’s response.

Pastor Chikwanda said he was ready to contest the RA’s decision.
“What happened is day light rigging because on the said day I was nominated and went out so that the elections would commence and when I was there I overheard that I was the second most popular person who was voted.
“When we were waiting for the results, parents coming outside were already congratulating me for winning the elections. However, I was surprised when I got back into the room that my name was not on the list of winners written on the board.

“There was commotion as to why my name was not there.
“I don’t know why RA does not want me to be part of the SDC. This is however, something that happened in broad daylight and I am going to contest his decision because he has defamed me,” said Chikwanda.
The last elections at Shingai were held in 2020.

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