Pardoned prisoner ‘kills’ neighbour over adultery

Mvuma – Tinashe Taruva who is free from prison courtesy of a recent Presidential pardon is on the run after he allegedly assaulted a neighbor that he suspected of dating his wife while he was incarcerated.
Midlands Provincial Police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirned the case and said Police is hunting for Taruva of Musena Village under Chief Chirumhanzu.
Police says Taruva teamed up with a friend Jimmy Kutambura and fatally assaulted Shepherd Chibunda on Monday.
“Police are hunting for Taruva and his other accomplice Kutambura on murder allegations after they teamed up and fatally assaulted the now deceased Chibunda whom they accused him of having an affair with Taruva’s wife.
“The duo assaulted him using logs and he was taken to Mvuma District Hospital where he died upon admission,” said Insp Mahoko.

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