Ownership wrangle sees NGO withdrawing support from Chipinge school


CHIPINGE – An NGO has withdrawn building material it donated to Museya Primary School in Chipinge following ownership wrangle of the school between Chipinge and Chimanimani rural district councils.

Museya Primary School is physically located in Chipinge but it reports to education offices in Chimanimani, Chipinge Times has been told.

Last week an NGO called Wilt Hunger Hilfe (WHH) collected back building material it had delivered to Museya after realising that it had no Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chipinge RDC and therefore cannot work in the district.

The NGO’s MOU is with Chimanimani RDC.

Museya is one of the schools that was hard hit by Cyclone Idai two years ago and the donated material was for the construction of toilets at the school.

The building material was withdrawn after the school prepared 10 latrine holes and moulded 30 000 bricks for the project.

Chimanimani RDC social welfare department notified Museya School of the withdrawal of building material through a letter dated November 16, 2020. The letter said that the material was being withdrawn because it was only meant for schools in Chimanimani District.

“Chimanimani Rural District council is hereby withdrawing materials that were meant to support your school with latrine construction,” read part of the letter’

Headman Museya also confirmed the withdrawal. He said the school reports to Chimanimani education offices but paid taxes to Chipinge.

A senior member at the school who declined to be named said the school is disadvantaged as a result of the situation and it is lagging behind in development.

He said donors from many areas including health and roads have turned away from the school as a result of the school’s position between two councils.

Chimanimani Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nehemiah Deure said he was unaware of the letter of withdrawal of material written by his social services department to Museya School.

District Development Coordinator William Mashava said, WHH did not have an MOU with Chipinge RDC but with Chimanimani and it does not therefore have a mandate to work in Chipinge.

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