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Over 10 000 face displacements in Gutu North over politics


Over 10 000 face displacements in Gutu North over politics



GUTU – Gutu North MP, Yeukai Simbabanegavi held a meeting with traditional leaders at Chitsa business Center in Gutu on May 29, 2022 in which she ordered them to remove anyone from their areas who supports opposition political parties.

She also ordered that those who support Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) be attacked at night. Before the Chitsa meeting, Simbanegavi had held similar meetings at Vutsinda and Zvavahera business centres.

Simbanegavi was allegedly accompanied at the meeting by Chief Chitsa, Gutu District Development

Co-ordinator (DDC), Chiedza Tafireyi and members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

In addition to violence, Simbanegavi warned that CCC supporters are not going to receive overnment food aid despite that the country has one of its most debilitating droughts this year.

Simbanegavi who is accused of having done virtually nothing in terms of development in the last four years has resorted to campaigning by issuing threats through village heads, headmen and chiefs as 2023 beckons. She acknowledged that funds for the tarring of Gutu-Buhera Road that is in her constituency were stolen but there are no arrests.

Meanwhile Simbanegavi has called another meeting with village heads at Mpandawana on Monday.

CCC has turned out to be the old MDC T in terms of its support base and the party won the Gutu North seat in 2008. Its support base in the constituency is estimated at around 10 000. The forced removals called for by Simbanegavi will entail mass displacements in the area. Called for comment, Simbanegavi repeatedly giggled and asked for the reporter’s name several times before hanging up her phone.Chief Chitsa distanced himself from the agenda of the meeting and told The Mirror to get a comment from Simbanegavi herself. He also said that as a traditional leader he doesn’t discuss politics and he is there for all people.

“I am a chief and I routinely attend Government meetings in my area. This was a meeting called by

Simbanegavi. I have nothing to do with the agenda, I was only invited and I can’t talk about Simbanegavi’s meeting, let Simbanegavi herself comment. Remember I am a chief, I don’t discuss politics,” said Chief Chitsa.

Tafireyi said she was not at the meeting. She challenged The Mirror to come and confirm with her log book.

“I never attended such a meeting even if you come and check my log book here, I was here at the office,” said Tafireyi.

Headman Magombedze is said to have already started implementing the MP’s instructions. Sources

said that he addressed villagers in Magombedze Village on Thursday last week in which he told them

that CCC supporters will hold their meetings from trees like birds or from the water.https://masvingomirror.com

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